about the company

The Morpheus Company is the fevered brainchild of artisan-geek Russ Sharek.

Originally known for its works of fine jewelry, this Dallas-based art studio has built a reputation for creating works of art for the refined yet rebellious taste.

In recent years, the studio's focus has gradually expanded to encompass the sculptural, visual and performing arts.

press highlights

The press archive has interviews, articles and other media highlights.


about the site

More information about the nuts and bolts holding this website together can be found in the site colophon.

copyright statement

All content, code, images, jewelry and other designs presented in this online portfolio are the copyrighted property of The Morpheus Company and its affiliates.

Please contact us for information regarding usage for promotional purposes.

about the artist

As a self-described gentleman adventurer, honorary carny and artisan-geek, artist Russ Sharek may at times seem more character than creator.

Lurking behind that vertigo-inducing exterior lies a dedicated maker with such an overwhelming passion for life and art that the dividing line between the two becomes blurred in his presence.

the rant repository

Please note that the rant repository often features content not suitable for gentler tastes.

Words which are of course the epitome of understatement.

The rant repository is where I get to take off the ill-fitting mask of professional courtesy and tell you whatever is on my mind.

If you look behind the curtain, you've only yourself to blame. Without the veneer of normalcy I'm likely to do horrible things like swear, offend or make you think.

Whatever the case, you may consider yourself warned.

"Here be Dragons."

Russ Sharek