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art and gifts at nan's

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My neighbor, sculptor Nan Phillips, has a worse problem than having become the local "cat lady". It seems she's developed a completely out-of-control infestation of artists.

Rather than spraying for these pests like a sane person, she's decided to allow them to run amuck. By this weekend, I imagine they will have completely taken over her lovely home.

art & gifts @ nan's

October 21st & 22nd

Saturday, 10 AM to 8 PM
Sunday, Noon to 6 PM

Nan Phillips Studio
395 Sandhill Drive
Richardson, TX 75080



Nan Phillips
sculpture and glass

Russ Sharek
The Morpheus Company
fine jewelery

Deana Hinchcliff
Primal Earth
pyrographic art and leather sculpture

Jay Silber
Kestrel Ridge Forge
wrought iron

John DeBaun
Twisted Individuals
sculpture and masks


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10 / 17 / 2006


new goodies

There's a couple of noteworthy additions to the site.

First off, the first official "art cameo" hit the portfolio today.

A big thanks to Jay Silber of Kestrel Ridge Forge, for loaning me some of the very artwork that inspired the finial pendant.

Hopefully, as opportunity presents itself, I'll be able to add more art cameos to the site.

Speaking of images, I've also added an image that I have lost, found, lost again and finally found once more. I'm posting it to keep it found as much as I am to answer the question "Can Mitsuro be cast in white gold?"


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10 / 15 / 2006


chateau des arts

Chateau des 
Arts x3

Last year, I became involved in a benefit for the North Texas Food Bank called Chateau des Arts. We had a great time and raised a metric ton o' cash for a worthy cause. I recently found out that The Morpheus Company has been invited back for a return engagement, so I'm working frantically to try and put together a body of work good enough to fool everyone into thinking I actually belong somewhere as nice as this show.

Do me a favor, show up.

It's a great event, an important cause and the host is a winery that serves a terrific glass of Syrah.

Chateau des Arts

October 13-14, 2006

Times Ten Cellars
6324 Prospect Avenue
Dallas, TX 75214

For more information:

There are VIP tickets available which get you in the door, valet parking, dinner and a glass of wine. I have a few of these on hand at my studio, and more can be purchased directly from times ten cellars.


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10 / 03 / 2006