shockingly good customer service

A couple of weeks back, I had a rather electrifying experience. While setting up my booth at an event site, the lighting system I employ to make fine jewelry sparkle catastrophically kicked the bucket.

The spiteful beast also attempted to take me with it.

The short version of the story is that my hand was on one of the tracks at the same moment the lights in question checked their busy schedules and realized that it was high time that they pack up and shuffle off to the electrician's graveyard.

Their attempt to commit a simultaneous act of electrocutive seppuku and homicide was soundtracked by my echoing screams. While I easily filled a 10,000 square foot room with dulcet tones of my discomfort, I managed to neither swear nor sound completely like a little girl.

Considering that the hosting venue was a religious organization dedicated to the education of young men, both facts are worthy of mention.

Thanks to the fast thinking and faster actions of those less extra-crispy at the time, we managed to hack together something that allowed us to limp through the remainder of the show.

The following Monday, after I stopped smelling of ozone, I gave my lighting supplier a call. I explained that we had only employed the bi-polar lights in question four times, and that everything had been properly shielded and grounded...outside of myself.

Upon hearing my tale of woe and wattage, it was Edward (henceforth Edward the Lightbringer)'s professional opinion that the lights were in fact dangerously buggered up and in need of full replacement.

This was not at all surprising. I had come to a similar conclusion while writhing underneath them just a few days prior.

What left me floored, again, was the fact that he sent us a complete replacement on the house with his apologies for the inconvenience and near death experience. Edward the Lightbringer even insisted that I keep the non-smouldering bits of our original gear long enough to ensure we had spares for our next event.

After our less-morbid replacement lights carried us safely through the last show of the season, I took a moment to pull out a dictionary. Apparently, Edward the Lightbringer's strange behavior is known as "fantastic customer service".

It's not something you come across often, doubly so in an internet-based business catering to other businesses. For that reason, I've got to give them two thumbs up and recommend Direct Lighting to anyone looking for a reliable, and ultimately non-life threatening, solution for trade show illumination.

Direct Lighting

3625 E. Philadelphia Street
Ontario, CA 91761

Ask to speak to Edward the Lightbringer, and tell him who sent you.


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12 / 12 / 2007