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Like many people, I too am somewhat curious about the final adventures of a certain angst-ridden, spectacled and scarred teen of potent thaumaturgical ability. In my case, however, his fate will remain somewhat delayed on account of a package that recently turned up in my non-electronic mail.

Much to my delight, I've received a small crate which contains an unpublished manuscript of a new novel written by one of my clients. Heather Lore, whom I've created some wonderful pieces for in the past, has gifted me a copy of her latest effort, "The Water-Snake Road."

While I'm not completely sure of the when the final draft will be released, I am fairly certain that the published edition will not include a hand-illuminated note inside the back cover:

Heather Lore

You can find out more about Heather Lore on her website,


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07 / 31 / 2007