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10 / 17 / 2007


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I've noticed that the updating of my fall show schedule is something of a reverse groundhog day for me. Shadow or not, winter's coming. I clean my studio, get my head together and prepare myself as best I can for the insanity that is the upcoming holiday season.

It is a tradition within this moment to succumb to a panicked realization that while I might arrive at events with a veritable entourage of minions, henchpersons, gorgeous women, trained monkeys, genetically-engineered squids and a disc jockey named Rio, back at the studio I'm merely half a brain and one set of hands.

It is fortunate for my panicky nature that the aforementioned grey-matter partial originally belonged to a complete genius. As those who know me well can attest, when you have half a mind left you oscillate between brilliant and...well, not.

Rather than waiting for the seasonal panic to get a solid grip on my sanity, my brainier half-brain has stepped in to remind everyone that now, in the calm before the storm, lies a wonderful opportunity to discuss any projects that you might be considering.

By getting on my to-do-or-perish list early, you'll not only get the full benefit of my partial genius, but you'll also be doing the vestigial threads of my mental composure a kinder turn by not waiting until December to ask for the impossible.

With that said, I'll pack my helpful hemisphere in mothballs for safe keeping and get back to work. As always, You can find my up-to-date show calendar online here:


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10 / 02 / 2007