night and day

A career of late nights in the studio has permanently shaped my habits. It's taught me to enjoy the benefits of being a little out of sync with the rhythms of the world.

For the most part, I've befriended the lingering solitude that lives in the shadowy corners of my workshop. Rather than chipping away at my resolve, that ever-quiet companion now brings a meditative focus to my work.

I've always savored that touch of altered awareness that comes with disconnecting from the daily grind. So long as I always return from howling at the moon, I see no real harm in enjoying the creative benefits of a little sanctioned madness.

There's also something to be said for ambiance. The darkness looming outside the window, when combined with the right soundtrack, brings an inescapably cool film noir aesthetic to my "night shift" experience.

That said, people seldom find it shocking to hear that I work regularly into the wee hours. Doubly so in the days leading up to a showing of my work. What actually does seem to surprise folks is the fact that I'm not an exclusively nocturnal creature.

Which is patently ridiculous.

Were the staunch advocates of my mythological status correct, someone would have staked me out of their misery long before now. More importantly, I'd burst inconveniently into flames every time my PDA listed a to-do item with a requirement that I scurry about in the harsh light of ol' Sol.

As fortune would have it, my only Nosferatu-esque habit is sucking the precious vital essences from innocent coffee beans. And they had it coming.

In short, after a mug of french-pressed life force, the afternoon found me decidedly not on fire as I popped by the Bath House Cultural Center to pick up some extra invitations for the upcoming Winter Art Mart.

As I walked in the door without so much as a smolder, I was not greeted by the curator and manager of the facility. That being because they were both head down in the somewhat frantic task of last-minute preparations for the show.

Despite my standing within five feet of them, their focus on getting this event right was so intense that even if I had been on fire they might not have noticed.

Eventually, I did get their attention. In a flash it was business as usual. Which was nice, considering that up there the usual business is a bit like visiting family members you actually like.

But in those seconds before my stage cough, I saw a glimmer of something. Something more than a couple of people just doing their jobs.

It was a touch of madness that bordered on dedication, or perhaps vice versa. They had that quasi-magical focus that I've only experienced late at night. The kind that shuts out the world and helps sort the impossible into tidy piles marked "done".

That it lacked a soundtrack and stars was a small matter. For a brief moment, by the light of the afternoon sun, I recognized them clearly.

It seems I had met the day shift.


category: studio
11 / 19 / 2008



2008 Winter Art Mart

Start your holiday shopping early!

Come get a bit of wonderful art for yourself and your friends at the Bath House's Winter Art Mart. Paintings, sculpture, photography, pottery, ceramics, jewelry, cards and other unique creations will be featured along with food, music, a silent auction and much more.

The Art Mart benefits the Bath House Cultural Center's year-round visual and performing arts programs - so it's a purchase that we all benefit from!

The Bath House Cultural Center website

2008 Winter Art Mart

Friday, November 21st, 7-9 PM (Preview Reception)
Saturday, November 22nd, 1-7 PM
Sunday, November 23, 11 AM - 6 PM

Bath House Cultural Center
521 E. Lawther Drive
Dallas, TX 75218


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11 / 16 / 2008