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And now, a few completely out-of-context words to the wonderful folks in Fort Worth:

"I have now had three meals with your wife in the last decade."

"I formally apologize for accusing you of lying. She is not in fact inflatable."

"Smashy made my tummy hurt, then left me with pimps, ho's and Matt."

"Keep an eye on your mailbox."

"'La pistola in la boca,' does not mean what you think it means."

"Next time bring ninjas. Lots and lots of ninjas."

"Don't despair, Rufio Q is almost as cool a name as Jack Nine."

"It's official. Purple sticky rice is om-frickin'-nomular."

"Swapping metalsmithing tips was slightly more fun than watching you dance."

"It turns out 'easy listening music' is neither."

"A cracker is never a suitable substitute for a lasagna."


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03 / 25 / 2009


hello fort worth

I admit it, the primary reason* that I agreed to participate in this event is completely selfish. It provides me an excuse to spend time with my friends from the far-flung end of the Metroplex.

*Primary personal reason, actually. It is by default secondary to the professional concerns. Those being, of course, my well-established need to feed my ego and a devout adherence to the tenets of capitalism.

I've had people willing to make the long trek over to Dallas to visit me for years, so I figured I was long overdue to return the favor.


Fort Worth Art Afaire

A small art faire intended to allow you time to meet the artists and talk about their creations.

Watch a live demonstration with Randy Brodnax, master potter, as he tells his stories and makes his pottery. Randy is sure to entertain you and your family.

Art Afaire is located on the corner of Cantey and Rogers Avenue in the University Christian Church.

Fort Worth Art Afaire

Fort Worth Art Afaire, March 19-21

Thursday "Preview Night", 5-8 pm
Friday, 1-8 pm
Saturday, 1-6 pm

University Christian Church
2720 S University Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76109


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03 / 15 / 2009


smashy squashy photo-ey goodness


Towards the end of last year, I got the completely foolish idea of squeezing in a last-minute photo shoot before the holiday insanity buried me completely.

So, I called up my buddy Captain Smashy, an amazing photographer with a penchant for missions of the impossible variety.

I pitched an idea to him, based on seeing some incredibly weird-looking squashes over at a local snooty food emporium.

We've had an ongoing joke for a while about how a still life featuring a bowl of fruits and vegetables would be a lot less trouble to shoot than the highly reflective metal of my jewelry.

Naturally, he was tickled at the idea of taking a running joke literally, and as is the way of crazy art projects we were purchasing a shopping cart chock full of bizarre miniature pumpkins a few hours later.

Now, the downfall of this completely brilliant plan was the aforementioned avalanche known as holiday deadlines. While the shoot went off brilliantly, it took me until now to find time to clean up the final images for the portfolio.

That said, here's a healthy helping of fresh veggies for you.

veggies and mitsuro

veggies and other works


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03 / 13 / 2009