mocking picasso

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."

Pablo Picasso

Now normally I am not one to argue with one of the most recognized names in modern art history. Truth be told, old Pab' and I see eye to eye on lots of things. I like his goal of maintaining a childhood sense of wonder. I think his views on inspiration and truth are spot on...and we share a love of wine and beautiful women that borders the obsessive.

That said, I think his take on technology was crap.

Picasso was, to be completely fair, dead before the beginning of the information age. I was born during the dawn of the digital era, and before I reached adulthood computers had become a ubiquitous part of my existence.

Where he saw a clunky calculation engine, I was raised to view these magical machines as virtual workbenches on which to pound my ideas into being. Perhaps it is my background as a metalsmith that informed that mental image, but I quickly learned that this was another set of tools with which I could create.

And so, like any child, I did.

For the last five years, I've been quietly putting time and energy into exploring technology as an artistic medium in its own right.

Prior to this new focus, computers were relegated to being little more than another design tool in my existing jewelry making arsenal. While using the "magic pen" to improve my existing work has been a wonderful advantage, it does very little to support my disagreement with the aforementioned dead Spaniard.

In order to prove my theory that technology was emerging as a new form of creative expression, I was going to have to take a risk. I had to get outside my comfort zones and create something that wasn't automatically validated by being inextricably linked to my nearly twenty years experience as a sculptor.

And so, like any fool trying to prove a point, I did.

Flashing forward to about a month ago, I was having a conversation with an artist friend of mine. She encouraged me to submit a few of these new experiments to a brand new emerging artists' exhibition, hosted by a fairly prestigious gallery here in Dallas.

We both came to conclusion that in order to get the output of the "magic pen" validated on its own artistic merits, I needed to get the work to some place where it could seen by people with the capacity to acknowledge it.

And so, with a little help from Lady Luck, I did.

Not long ago, I was formally invited to participate in F.I.G. gallery's emerging artist event, the D Art Slam. The life-alteringly awesome news is that I will not be presenting my work as a jeweler. After five years of preparation, I'm proud to announce I'll be showing my first collection of digital illustrations.

Which should, once and for all, prove that Picasso had no idea what he was talking about.


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05 / 18 / 2009


d art slam

D Art Slam

D Art Slam at f.i.g.

May 29-31, 2009
Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

My new collection of digital illustrations will be debuted during the event, alongside the work of 150 emerging local artists.

For ticket information, please visit


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05 / 18 / 2009