ambiphyte update

Like almost everyone I know, I'm currently suffering the ravages of a wicked head cold.

I had assumed that the combination of the "creeping crud" and the cruddy weather would make for a really difficult opening for El Corazon. Much to my surprise, a couple hundred dedicated art lovers braved the obstacles to see some amazing heart-related creations last Saturday.

For my part, I spent the evening in a medicated blur. Mostly, I smiled like a vacant spokes-model and politely avoided shaking hands with the uninfected.

Amidst my haze, I did manage to bump into a number of old friends. It was wonderful to get a chance to reconnect with people I lost in the shuffle of the previous decade ending.

To those I may have missed by leaving early, consider yourselves lucky for being exposed only to my art.

During my recovery, I managed to prop myself upright at my desk long enough to upload Ambiphyte, my entry for the show, to my illustration portfolio.

I'm also trying something new, by offering a special "sweetheart print" of Ambiphyte during the run of the show. This is not a photographic reproduction, but rather a higher-quality unframed giclée print at an affordable 11x14 size. The prints are $60 each, which you can order by contacting me at the studio.

I'll be there drinking hot toddies until the plague ends.


Ambiphyte - Russ Sharek, 2010


category: studio
02 / 11 / 2010