austrian snail mail

Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (and used email for correspondence), I had a fairly regular exchange going with artist James Seehafer.

James was always pretty active in the arts community, and went on to do some pretty awesome things. Amongst them, he coined the term Massurrealism, and through his own work became the ad hoc father of the movement.

I lost track of my pen pal after a few years, and had always assumed he had gone on to things far more important than little old me.

As it turns out, James has been reading along the entire time. He got back in touch with me after my recent ramblings about social media.

He's since moved to Austria, from where I recently received a surprise package. Inside, I found two sheets of mint-condition Massurrealism postage stamps. A nifty souvenir from an old friend.

Massurrealism Stamp Massurrealism Stamp

Learn more about James, and the Massurrealism movement, at


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03 / 30 / 2010


the queen's cup runs happily dry

Queen of Cups was my first limited edition giclée, and a few days ago it finally sold out!

The illustration was created in conjunction with a Valentine's Day art event benefiting Genesis Women's Shelter. To raise money for their cause, we produced a small but high-quality run of fourteen hand-signed and numbered prints.

Half of those prints sold at auction that night, with 100% of their proceeds being donated to Genesis.

I did have one bit of personal gain that evening. I traded number fourteen from my edition with artist Michelle Stroescu. She's an amazing artist who was also participating in the benefit, and we decided to "swap fourteens" during the reception.

As for the remaining giclées, a few friends and clients added them to their personal collections over the years. Eventually I found myself with the final print from the edition, lucky number thirteen, framed on my office wall.

A few weeks ago, a friend who shares my passions for wine and art saw the piece at my studio, and decided it would look better on his wall than mine.

In honor of the original intent of the series, I'll be donating a portion of the proceeds to Genesis Women's Shelter.


Queen of Cups, by Russ Sharek


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03 / 19 / 2010


stumbling upon old friends

Last weekend, while joyfully stumbling about the North Texas Irish Festival, I bumped into my friends Joshua and Celina Mauk. I hadn't seen them in ages, so it was good to get a chance to reconnect.

Josh and I have done a couple of amazing projects together, including a beautiful Mitsuro and black diamond ring for his lovely wife Celina.

Celina reminded me that I never got a chance to photograph the custom piercing plugs she had me make for Josh, and he was kind enough to pose for a couple of quick pictures:


Joshua Mauk


Joshua Mauk


Joshua Mauk


If you happen to be in the Denton area, be sure to check out Josh's band Lavish.


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03 / 10 / 2010