a word from our galactic overlord

I for one welcome our galactic overlords...

Being a galactic overlord isn't the easiest of jobs. There's rebellions to quell, planets to subjugate and hell, even stars to make go super-nova. The worst thing is - you've got to be "on" all the time. Can't afford any slip-ups with the cutthroats and brigands I call my crew. That also includes looking my best all the time.

My beard was getting a little long and unruly so when my fleet entered the Sol system, I decided to give you a break. If I could find someone who could make my goatee look presentable, I'd permit your little blue-and-green planet a chance to join the Empire on their own.

I tracked down this Terran named "Russ Sharek" and I was mightily impressed by the fact that he didn't faint dead away when I teleported into his studio. I told him what I wanted and the stakes that were involved.

He got to work right away - and I *am* a happy conqueror. Beautiful, simple, elegant and quickly and skillfully done.

You've got Russ Sharek here to thank for your continued existence. And you'd better be nice to him ... OR ELSE.

Commander and Overlord
Galactic Third Fleet
S'karian Empire

My friend Kevin's passion for costuming and comedy really paid off, as he pulled together the work of several artisans to create his Praxis character. As a thank you for my efforts towards the goal, he staged this photo and wrote me an in-character threat...er, testimonial.

I do love a good sight gag.

For the full story, check out Kevin's costuming blog.


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08 / 02 / 2010