doing our part to keep austin weird

Maybe it's your karma.

The eating of this knish should undertaken with great reverence. This is a deli, which is essentially Jewish holy ground.

She wants my hot gravy...recipe.

But, I'm too awesome for a jury of my peers.

When I am king, William Shatner will be forced cover the best of Queen.
"Buddy, you're...a boy. Make a big noise. Playing? in the street? You're going to be a big man. Someday."

I have been bested. That man is now my eyebrow mentor.

Droid is my sherpa.

I have a new goal this evening: to be as hammered as my ego.

Artist. Carny. Adventurer. And now, bicycle valet. I may have suffered a little focus creep here.

The officer's last name is Schatte. I call dibs on writing his biography.
The title? "I, Schatte...The Sheriff."

Random quotes from Austin, Texas


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05 / 05 / 2010