smells like dying

Fellow makers, do be careful when playing with noxious chemicals. Two days after using some polyurethane sealer, my reasonably well-ventilated shop still smells like molten plastic*.

*To be clear, it's nasty. It reeks like a mashup of Toy Story and Apocalypse Now in there.

I'm the second person I know who has managed to choke themselves on chemical fumes in the last week. I was fortunate, my friend managed to give herself a nasty case of chemical pneumonia.

I got a sore throat for my trouble, and the urge to remind people to be careful. Even when using allegedly "safe" products, wear a respirator. Work outside if at all possible.

Better yet, do both and seek out products that don't actively try to kill you while you make art. Your lungs will thank me for it.


category: studio
07 / 07 / 2010