(cuff)link sharing

I just uploaded something new to the portfolio. Here's a link to some cuff links.


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06 / 24 / 2010


more mad science

After a bit of mad science in the name of science fiction, I was eager to tackle another challenge using some of this new rapid prototyping technology. As luck would have it, my buddy Kevin stepped up to the plate with an idea too insane to ignore.

He's referred to the process of creating these extremely complex cuff links in his blog as "Bling Impossible", and after the three long months it took to create the little buggers I'm certain it's an accurate title.

In any event, the somewhat less interestingly named cage cufflinks are now in my portfolio.


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06 / 09 / 2009


slammed into being

There is nothing quite like a deadline to light a fire under your derrière.

While I had been quietly exploring digital illustration for years, nothing was demanding any sort of result. That freedom definitely gave me an opportunity to play and learn, but I think it kept me from officially "completing" the process and releasing new art into the world.

Perhaps I was just protecting my ego from yet another slam.

Ironically, it was a "slam" that ultimately resolved the matter. Specifically, I was invited to participate in the D Art Slam, but under the proviso that I only exhibit my 2D work. So, in a little under a month of sleepless nights, I upgraded my "artistic resume" from jeweler who dabbles to multimedia artist.

Have a look at the results while I recover from the culture shock.

The new digital illustration portfolio.


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06 / 06 / 2009


smashy squashy photo-ey goodness


Towards the end of last year, I got the completely foolish idea of squeezing in a last-minute photo shoot before the holiday insanity buried me completely.

So, I called up my buddy Captain Smashy, an amazing photographer with a penchant for missions of the impossible variety.

I pitched an idea to him, based on seeing some incredibly weird-looking squashes over at a local snooty food emporium.

We've had an ongoing joke for a while about how a still life featuring a bowl of fruits and vegetables would be a lot less trouble to shoot than the highly reflective metal of my jewelry.

Naturally, he was tickled at the idea of taking a running joke literally, and as is the way of crazy art projects we were purchasing a shopping cart chock full of bizarre miniature pumpkins a few hours later.

Now, the downfall of this completely brilliant plan was the aforementioned avalanche known as holiday deadlines. While the shoot went off brilliantly, it took me until now to find time to clean up the final images for the portfolio.

That said, here's a healthy helping of fresh veggies for you.

veggies and mitsuro

veggies and other works


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03 / 13 / 2009


getting my year on

I recently looked up and noticed that I was elbow deep in 2008. I normally have to spend weeks shoving against the tuchis-end of a new year in order to get it moving. By some random stroke of luck, this year decided to bust out of the gate at a fair clip and all I can take credit for was being foolish enough to hang on like a suicidal rodeo clown.

I'll be posting more updates from my "wild ride" soon. In the meantime, here's a few "leftover" tidbits from the end of 2007:


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02 / 01 / 2008


what's in a name?

An amusing conversation with a client led to titular affectations, the latest addition to the rant repository.


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08 / 17 / 2007


greek week

Two new entries in my portfolio, inspired by ancient Greek mythology.

Submitted for your approval, Thalia and the Ring of Gyges.


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08 / 01 / 2007


golden goodness

A new pendant and stacking ring set for the portfolio.


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04 / 18 / 2007


new goodies

There's a couple of noteworthy additions to the site.

First off, the first official "art cameo" hit the portfolio today.

A big thanks to Jay Silber of Kestrel Ridge Forge, for loaning me some of the very artwork that inspired the finial pendant.

Hopefully, as opportunity presents itself, I'll be able to add more art cameos to the site.

Speaking of images, I've also added an image that I have lost, found, lost again and finally found once more. I'm posting it to keep it found as much as I am to answer the question "Can Mitsuro be cast in white gold?"


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10 / 15 / 2006


portfolio updated

A recently completed wedding band has been added to the portfolio.


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09 / 19 / 2006


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