greek week

Two new entries in my portfolio, inspired by ancient Greek mythology.

Submitted for your approval, Thalia and the Ring of Gyges.


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08 / 01 / 2007


summer reading

Like many people, I too am somewhat curious about the final adventures of a certain angst-ridden, spectacled and scarred teen of potent thaumaturgical ability. In my case, however, his fate will remain somewhat delayed on account of a package that recently turned up in my non-electronic mail.

Much to my delight, I've received a small crate which contains an unpublished manuscript of a new novel written by one of my clients. Heather Lore, whom I've created some wonderful pieces for in the past, has gifted me a copy of her latest effort, "The Water-Snake Road."

While I'm not completely sure of the when the final draft will be released, I am fairly certain that the published edition will not include a hand-illuminated note inside the back cover:

Heather Lore

You can find out more about Heather Lore on her website,


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07 / 31 / 2007


now hear this

I was recently asked if I would be willing to consent to an interview on the new "Art and Soul of North Texas" podcast. According to Shelly, the host of the show, the interview should air sometime over the summer. She's currently putting together interview questions and a list of topics for us to discuss, so if you have anything you'd like to hear about I'd recommend you email her directly.

Art and Soul of North Texas Podcast

Hosted by Shelly Niebuhr


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06 / 08 / 2007


all we do we do 4 foo

Thanks to the efforts of Broadway Bistro and the Insert Art Here team, we managed to rouse a small but very interested attendance, raise a bit of money for a charity in need and replace a fair amount of our bodily fluids with fine wines.

Tom Pierson, one of the co-owners of the bistro, popped by my booth with this suggestion for alternative signage for next year's event:

Tom Pierson proving his marketing savvy.
image copyright: Austin Marshall, 2007.

I'm still wondering whether or not he intended for that sign to read "Will Work 4 Foo"


I am not one to revise history, so allow me to clarify it.

It has come to my attention that a couple of the artists involved in this event assumed the comments above in some way imply that they were drinking at a charity event hosted by a wine bar.

For the record, I was definitely drinking. Proudly so, in point of fact.

You see, the reason I personally racked up a three digit bar tab over the 10 hours of the event was that I knew that a percentage of every drop I purchased for myself, my friends and my clients was going to be donated to charity.

It was, after all, the point of the event.

So yes, I'm a lush. And no, I don't feel or imply that anyone else is. And this lush is as pleased as punch (or wine, as the case seems to be) that his not being a teetotaler bought a pile school supplies for children in need.


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06 / 08 / 2007


art and soul update

If you remember a few posts back, I mentioned that I was invited to be a guest on an upcoming episode of The Art and Soul of North Texas podcast. I recently got an email from Shelly Niebuhr, the podcast's host, asking if I knew any Mac-using gurus interested in giving her a hand producing the show.

If you are looking for a geeky way to contribute to the arts community, pop by the Art and Soul of North Texas website for details.


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06 / 05 / 2007


photographic evidence

Furthering the argument that I am not in fact a member of the non-reflective, nightlife-loving stake-wary undead, there is now evidence that I appear on film., a local online magazine, has recently posted a photo gallery from Bath House Cultural Center's recent "Art Mart"


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05 / 01 / 2007


insert art here

Insert Art Here

Saturday May 19th, 2007
2 p.m. - Midnight

Live music starting at 7:00 p.m.

Broadway Bistro
1101 S.Broadway St.
Carrollton, TX 75006

A portion of all proceeds from this event will be donated to Bea's Kids.

"You cannot connect with art emotionally when you are wound up," said event coordinator and Insert Art Here co-founder Sharek. "This will not be a stuffy gallery show. We want people to have fun -- grab a glass of wine, listen to good music and connect with art."

From the insert art here press release.

For more information:


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04 / 27 / 2007


the beast in his shiny new cage

The beast in his shiny new cage

Last weekend at the Bath House Cultural Center's Spring Art Mart, I finally got a chance to test drive the new display system which I have been quietly working on since the beginning of this year.



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04 / 27 / 2007


the inevitable cliche

Every creative career path has its inevitable cliches. People who do blacksmithing will eventually, no matter how artistic they might be, shoe a horse. Those who sew will, no matter how avant garde their fashions, one day stitch a set of curtains.

Artistic jewelers will inevitably create the stuff of four-color childhood dreams:

Verdant Ring of Power

While I've made a few of these "Verdant Rings of Power" over the years, I've never had the opportunity to be involved in a full blown, movie-quality costuming effort.

To see the outer limits of make believe in action, and the outfit this ring is intended to accessorize, check out my friend and client Kevin's blog.

My hat's off to him. When I was a boy, I had to make do with a red towel and a lot of whooshing noises.


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04 / 18 / 2007


2007 calendar

As always, the event calendar can be found here:

Upcoming events include the Bath House Cultural Center's Spring Art Mart on April 20th - 22nd.


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04 / 18 / 2007


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