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sint giganti pin

The crisp, dark lines of Sint Giganti were achieved through the art of champlevé enameling. In the champlevé technique, recesses are carved into the workpiece, and then filled with finely ground enamels. The enamel-charged piece is then fired in a kiln at temperatures over 1300°F. This melts and fuses the enamel together, so that it can slowly cool into a solid piece of glass.

This painstakingly precise process, which can fail completely and ruin an otherwise perfect piece if any contaminant to the enamels or error in technique creeps in along the way, has to be successfully performed a minimum of three times in order to complete each piece in the Sint Giganti collection.

This series is now closed.


Cast, fabricated, textured, and enameled precious metals. Sterling silver shown.


The Morpheus Company, 2001.