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an artisan geek

Being an artisan-geek is a little like being bilingual. You can impress your friends by speaking to both souls and servers. More importantly, you can act as a translator, allowing people who have never spoken before to share ideas.

When people who admire your creative work realize that you also develop and maintain your own website, it's only a matter of time before they commission you for help with their own online projects.

The web is highly ephemeral in nature. Things only last so long before they obsolete for one reason or another. I think this breeds an unfortunate mindset that online design is a kind of "throwaway" artform, like graffiti. It ends up being largely anonymous and only exists until whitewashed over.

Early in the Internet age, some would-be technology pundit commented that Andy Warhol was wrong. We would not be given our promised fifteen minutes of fame. Instead, we'd have fifteen megabytes of online glory before we faded away.

The section of my portfolio documents the digital fame of others, a few megabytes at a time.