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I had the opportunity to meet the amazing Conté de Loyo a few years ago.

Due to our mutual involvement in a charity event, we met as equals very much outside our "on stage" personas. While sitting together on my couch, we sipped peppermint tea and discussed art and philosophy. After she left, I began an initial sketch for Conte.

I almost immediately ran into a brick wall.

Despite having sat no more than three feet away from a living legend, I was utterly incapable of capturing any part of her. It was only a few weeks later, when I was invited to watch her and her troupe perform, that I began to understand my own creative block.

As I sat in the front row, astonished by the passion and severity of Flamenco, I let the rhythm slam into me. Within a few days of experiencing the performance, I returned to my virtual sketchbook and started from scratch. Keeping only a few of the original lines, I began again with a new understanding.

I found myself finally capable of distilling some bit of her essence. The secret, that I came to realize, was that the woman, the passion and the dance were all facets of the same thing.


Conte, 2006
digital illustration



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