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mitsuro ring with black diamond

I have The Morpheus Company's number saved on my phone and every time Russ calls, I know that it's good news.

I sat down with him to discuss an anniversary ring for my beautiful and hard core Army wife Celena. She and I also had our wedding rings made by Russ, and we have received nothing but amazed looks when we show them off.

Russ and I talked about a ring that would capture my wife's personality, and what you see in the picture is the fruit of that labor. The black diamond is perfect for how tough yet delicate Celena is, and the Mitsuro has always been Celena's favorite technique of Russ'.

According to Celena, this ring is the most beautiful piece she has ever seen.

Thank you Russ and Keep Creating.

Joshua Mauk


Mitsuro cast in sterling silver, 18k yellow gold and black diamond.


The Morpheus Company, 2007.