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sanskrit ring

As a cat breeder who is also interested in art, I wanted a couple of unique pieces of wearable art for cat shows. After talking to a few artists and many hours of searching the internet I fortunately stumbled on The Morpheus Company. They have a very interactive approach to working with a client to develop a piece of art. The work is great as is the information, photographs and structure of their website. This is a client oriented, quality operation, from the beginning to the end of the artistic process.

Bob Mathas

Bob came to us with an idea to create a piece featuring a Sanskrit phrase of personal significance to him. He provided the phonetic translation and instruction to create a ring that had the look of something that had "existed for thousands of years."

Over the course of many emails and much research, we developed the stylized version of the script used on the final piece. Once carved as a "clean relief" in wax, various techniques were used both before and after casting to create the ring's weathered look.

Unique, Sold.


Cast, forged and fabricated sterling silver.


Bob Mathas