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tree of life pendant

Based on the Kabalistic Tree of Life, a dominant symbol in several metaphysical belief systems, this piece features a flowing mid-section which turns freely on a central axis. The abstracted helix, as it turns, has design elements which pass through each of the ten spheres (key points) on the symbol it draws its inspiration from. The center axle, on which the outer spiral rotates, is set with stones and contains a sealed compartment to hold a small parchment scroll.

Dartanyan Hetrick, who commissioned the piece, was kind enough to allow us to share her notes on the symbolism behind the design of the pendant. The summary gives a bit of background on the Tree of Life, and shows in detail how the components of the pendant's design correspond directly to various aspects of the symbol. From an artistic standpoint, it shows how an incredible amount of forethought and planning can be involved with the conceptualization of a piece of jewelry.

Unique, Sold.


Cast and Fabricated sterling silver, rutilated quartz, lapis lazuli, steel, client-provided parchment scroll and amber.


The Morpheus Company, 2000.