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People often ask how we manage to find the gorgeous models that grace the pages of our online portfolio. It'd be wishful thinking (or a damned lie, take your pick) to say that good looking people are stacked like cord-wood on our doorstep, begging to be sat under hot lights for our benefit.

When pressed for details, we're forced to offer up a long-winded, albeit more honest, explanation that involves headshot reviews, contractual agreements and lots of begging.

While it might shatter the illusion that we're knickers-deep in the beautiful people, it generally isn't easy to find some attractive, professional masochist who wants to be wrapped up like a mummy for six hours.

Think the models are being prima donnas? Ask yourself if you could handle a few hours of standing nude on an icy-cold concrete floor in front of half a dozen complete strangers who are all freely talking about how your tuchis is going to require digital retouching. Anyone who's stood in front of a camera for us worked their retouched asses off, and deserves all the respect you can offer a person not wearing pants in the name of fine art.

On the other hand, sometimes it's as easy as opening our inbox.

One day, while scourging our inbox of offers of all things elastic, longer-lasting and illicit, we came across an email from a client who loved her wearable art so much that she had decided to brave the camera for us. For no reason other than to say thank you, Letitia donned the choker we made for her and sent us a stunning new image for our online portfolio.

This of course, not only left us speechless but also inspired this gallery.

Each image in this gallery was submitted by our clients. Some are actually professional photographers and artisans, others are simply creative people who were willing to take the time to share examples of their dreams made real. When provided, their own words are used to describe the work, the stories behind them and the process of working with The Morpheus Company to make each piece happen. For example:

If you've drempt it up, there's a good chance Russ can bring your dream to life. He'll work with you to make that fantasy piece into a reality, and better than you imagined! He goes the extra mile, too; for example, making an adjustable clasp for a perfect fit. Wearing a piece by Russ is like wearing a little hint of my soul on the outside of my body. It's absolute perfection in my book!"

Letitia Dunsmore, 2003.

The lion's share of The Morpheus Company's work goes undocumented for a number of reasons, not the least of which are time, cost and opportunity. We thank each and every one of our friends who were willing to spend the time to document the results of our tinkering on their behalf.

Unique, Sold.


Fabricated sterling silver and 14k yellow gold, amethyst and lapis lazuli.


Letitia Dunsmore, 2003.