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medekiller medallion

There was something gleefully atavistic about 300 and being the somewhat warped individual that I am (and plating myself with about 10-15 pounds of muscle from the sword and bow work, plus wearing full armor and chain maille) - I decided to go for a Spartiate warrior outfit. I rounded up the usual suspects for the endeavor - JJ (armor), David (leather) and Andrea (fabric) - but I also wanted *something* around the neck - other than a wolf's claw - that would make this outfit MINE rather than an imitation - albeit an excellent one.

Of course, Russ is in that rareified minority of people that I can discuss general ideas and be presented with something that is beyond my wildest imaginings. I can give him full artistic license since whatever I get will be AMAZING. I said to him, "I want something to make a Persian soil his loincloth when he sees it coming at him." 'Nuff said.

After some initial back-and-forth, Russ came up with a design during a thunderstorm that even creeped him out - needless to say, that WAS the design we both wanted.

Here's the finished piece.

Kevin P.

Unique, Sold.


Cast silicon bronze, opal triplet and hemp.


Kevin P., 2007.