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you have just begun

When you're saddled with child-support in monolithic proportions, it's difficult to buy gifts for people, even when you share a bed with them. So knowing how long she's put up with all my crap, I wanted to give her something unique. Something that would communicate to her that I notice the little things.

A phone call and several laborious revisions later, we had a finished concept sketch. I was impressed. The finished design captured perfectly the concept I'd been unable to express. The eye is a spiritual symbol along with the engraving on the back, both of which are the only significant design elements which survived from inception to completion. Everything else evolved as the pendant's design progressed.

The purple sapphire is a rare find and signifies mysticism. With the compass arms I suggested for the face and the passage allowing light through the back of the stone it may in some ways resemble the lost relics discovered by Indiana Jones, though this technical challenge completes the 'illusion' nicely.

As a final note the inscription on the reverse side, 'you have just begun', while once perceived as a designation of "the beginner's artifact" is far from, a reminder that the body and the life is only the smallest drop of the infinite person.

Isaac Dealey

Unique, Sold.


Cast Sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, onyx, purple sapphire and lacquer.


Tiffany Lane, 2003.